Thanks for visiting my half arsed attempt at a north east fly fishing blog. To be honest, if I had the choice between fishing and keeping this thing up to date the fishing would win hands down.

However, you’re in luck. Due to the awful weather we’ve had, and still seem to be getting regularly to make sure we’ve not forgotten what rain is, I’ve plenty of time to tinker and dabble with the blog.

If you’d like to follow my exploits north east fly fishing ‘as they happen’ then please take a look at my @neflyfisherman Twitter feed – I often try and drop my phone in the river whilst taking pictures of the tiny trout I catch, you’ll be able to enjoy them in near real time live action!

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The recent posts

  • Old(er) age eyesight and fishing

  • Troubled by poor eyesight, have the text on your phone tuned up to huge just so you can read it, struggling to tie even the largest daddy long legs on your 15lb mono? This post has some top tips to bring back the good old days of being able to see what you’re doing!

  • Tap, tap – is this thing still on…?

  • After a shade over 3 years in the fishing wilderness (and I don’t mean the upper reaches of the Tees) I’ve finally managed to get myself into gear and back on the river again. Work, family and a host of other less important stuff seemed to get in the way. What started off as not heading out for a week or … Continued

  • Start of a new season

  • As has been said by many fly fishing bloggers over the last week or two, the opening day couldn’t come round soon enough – and it seems like an age since breaking the rod down at the end of last season. I’d hoped to get out yesterday, the official start to the season up here, but with a list of … Continued