Is fly fishing turning course?

My first experience of fishing was, as with many people, going fishing with my father (I don’t mean many people went fishing with MY father, I mean many people went with… you know what I mean don’t you?). At the time he was very involved with the course fishing match scene, spending most weekends somewhere in the UK fishing a … Continued

Hardy Fishing Tackle Museum, more than just old cane rods…

10 June, 2013 Update  – it’s almost three years since I published this article, all of the stuff below still stands. Since 2010 I’ve had many more visits up to Alnwick and each time I’ve been really impressed with the store and the staff. I’ve just noticed Hardy have a great short story on their site detailing the history of the brand. It’s well worth … Continued

Prescription Polaroids

Are prescription Polaroid’s as good as the expensive ‘non-prescription’ alternatives? I’ve wanting to get myself a set of polaroids for ages now, it’s certainly no secret that they can be a big help when the fish are on the surface. Up to the last month or so all my fishing has been on still waters, not the big fish stalking … Continued