Hardy and Greys Special Event Day – 22nd Sept 2012

Put the 22nd September in your diary if you live anywhere near Hardy’s factory/museum/shop up here in Alnwick. They’ll be having what they call a Special Experience Day – which from the details sounds like an open day with all sorts of things going on. Product previews for the 2013 range Demo’s of casting and fly tying demo’s Factory Tour … Continued

Olympic style disappointment, but second best isn’t always bad…

During the course of yesterday I learnt what it must be like to be an Olympic athlete. At around 8:30pm in the evening Victoria Pendleton and myself shared something common; not our mutual love for being clad head to foot in body hugging lycra (too much? ok pretend I never said it) but that horrible gut wrenching feeling of being … Continued

A reading list for those (far too frequent) rainy days

Over the last few weeks, I’ve collected together as many links to fly fishing related blogs as I can find to populate my Google Reader account. If you’re interested, from there I access them via my various Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, MacBook Air and iMac) using some fabulously simple software called ‘Reeder‘. Every time one of the fly fishing blogs … Continued

The gear that I use – part 1

It’s always interesting to find out what others are using to do the things you’re interested in, so in the spirit of sharing here’s a list of the things I use the most when out fishing. As you’ll see, I have a barely under control case of “tackletartitus”. I also have a fondness for Orvis gear (as you’ll quickly notice). … Continued

Wet fly fishing and wet fly fishing

Wife and kids had gone out for the day to the outdoor pool in Haltwistle today, so after getting in from work to an empty house I decided I might as well head of to the river – well, why not?

How to dry CDC like Eric Clapton

As much as I’d like to suggest I found this tip, it actually came from TheTroutFly, the very good blog of Douglas Cameron Hall. If like me (and Douglas) you’re hacked off with having to regularly change your waterlogged CDC flies, this tip will be invaluable.

Barking dogs, Road Race failure and a late bid for freedom

Today was a good day for fishing. The temperature was right, there was little wind, it was a Saturday, the river would have settled nicely from the last bout of rain earlier in the week – all good things, things that don’t align like this very often. However, one, well several, other things were conspiring against me. I had to … Continued

The hidden cost of fly fishing

I don’t think there are any of us who would argue that fly fishing, if you want it to be, can be an expensive hobby. High end rods costing upwards of £500, reels of a similar price, line, clothing and those oh so essential gadgets and gizmo’s all mount up to a kings ransom if you let it. One area … Continued

Finally, a evening on the river

  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you won’t have failed to notice we’ve had a little ‘weather’ recently. And like you I’ve been sat inside moping around the house when I should be out on the river catching tree branches and cursing.

The rumours of Orvis’ demise are greatly exaggerated…

I’ve just returned from the Orvis store with a boot full of bargains – everything, I mean everything, was half price! Better than that though was the news that Orvis aren’t leaving us here in the North East, they’re just moving towns. The Corbridge store will close its doors for good on the 28th July 2012. In 3 or 4 … Continued

The end of Orvis in the North East

Came home this evening to find a card on the door mat advertising a sale at our local Orvis store, up to 70% off! Fabulous thinks I, I can celebrate the end of this horrid weather with a little retail therapy over on Corbridge. I then noticed the card was very specifically for the Orvis store at Corbridge, which is … Continued

Soon as I’ve time…

If I could only stop going out fishing I’ll post some stuff on here about where I’m going. In the mean time, take a look at the Ramblings or Reports sections of the blog, there’s plenty going on there.

Coming soon…

I’m working (slowly) on a couple of reviews at the moment. Soon as we start to get some rain and I have to stop going fishing, I’ll have time to post them on here. In the mean time, take a look at the Ramblings or Reports sections of the blog, there’s plenty going on there.