Eddys Bridge on a cold, wet Sunday

This weekends outing saw me head to the most upstream beat of the DAA’s water. I drove up t Eddys Bridge, just outside the lovely parish of Muggleswick. There’s a little stretch of fishable water upstream of the bridge to the reservoir, but most people do as I did and head downstream. After parking up outside the chicken farm, donning … Continued

Back in business – Orvis Hydros Superfine replaced!

At the end of my last outing, I had the misfortune to find the welded loop on my beloved Orvis Hydros Superfine was cracked at the very end (where the tag end is welded to the main line). I don’t know if this would result in a break with the tiny brownies I occasionally catch, but I’m sure it would … Continued

Top wader repair tips

At the end of my last day on the river, as I removed my 7 month old Orvis waders I was a little surprised to find my right sock wet through from the toes to heal. I hadn’t noticed the leak during fishing but it was certainly there as my foot, now turning very cold, was able to testify. After letting … Continued

Trout & Salmon iPad app – not the convenience I’d hoped

As is the norm these days, the TV last night was awful. So awful I decided to give it a miss, pop on my headphones for some music whilst catching up on the recent fly fishing blog posts. Mid way through the new Biffy Clyro album, Opposites (very good by the way) I remembered to check the Trout & Salmon … Continued

River Derwent, Lintzford (Garden Centre section)

The garden centre section of the Derwent is one of my favourite spots on the river. Not just because it’s picturesque, has a variety of water conditions to deal with and clear open stretches with wooded sections between, it’s also the nearest part of the Derwent to me. I can be on the river, tackled up and casting my first … Continued

Hardys Special Experience Day – 18th May 2013

You might have seen the post from last year about the Hardy and Greys Special Event Day held up at Hardy HQ in September? Well they’ve got another next month, on the 18th of May. The event is free for all and starts at 9am going on until 5pm. There will be fly casting and tying demos, product try outs and … Continued

GAIA North East Regional Event – 20th & 21st April 2013

This weekend sees what sounds like an excellent day out at South Linden Fishery – home to the 2013 GAIA (Game Angling Instructors Association) North East Regional Event. Over the two days there will be the following available to enthral and entertain you… Workshops : Fly Tying Demos – Tuition Casting Tuition: Single / Double handed Fishing Techniques: Knots – … Continued

Day One as a fishing journal (with a bit of TextExpander thrown in for good measure!)

Anglers who are disciplined enough to keep a journal of their fishing exploits (or as I prefer to call it, a record of my blanks) have always impressed me. Though I have tried, and at one point managed to keep it going for 3 (or was it 4?) separate outings, keeping the momentum up was too much for my adled … Continued

Getting off the mark

Apologies for this being another one of those ‘the seasons not started well, where are all the fish, oh – hooray I’ve finally caught one’ blog posts everyone is writing at the moment. But if the others can write one, why shouldn’t I? 😉 Spent sunday afternoon on the Shotley Bridge to Allensford stretch of the Derwent. Conditions were pretty … Continued