Finally, a fish filled session!

This morning I should have been up at the crack of dawn, heading north to Craster for a day out at sea. At the time I write this I should have just finished gutting my catch of Cod. Unfortunately, due to the weather, the captain of the charter boat we were going out in cancelled our trip the night before. … Continued

W/C 23rd May – Five Free Fly Friday

UPDATE: We have a winner! the Winner of the 1st #fivefreeflyfriday is @DrWestgarth. I’ll send the flies out over the weekend as son as I get your address Stephen 🙂 Unfortunately, due to the pretty horrid weather, the sea fishing trip was cancelled. The captain phoned last night to say the three other guys who were going out with us … Continued

Flyfishing Freebie Giveaway!

On my way home from my last trip out to the Derwent, I gave some thought to how I could gain a little more traffic to the blog, and give me a way to improve my fishing. Mid way along the A694, as I passed through Rowlands Gill, I had a moment of clarity – it was here the idea … Continued

What a difference a day a makes (24 little hours)

Yesterday I spent a very enjoyable day on the River Coquet with my good friend Phil. It was my first time fishing this particular river, and from the places Phil showed me, hopefully won’t be my last. Coquet – different and good It’s certainly very different from what I’m used to on the Derwent, but in a good way. My … Continued

It’s official, I’m a walker not a fisher(man)

Even though I knew it’d be hard going after yesterdays downpour, I had the opportunity to steal a few hours on the river this afternoon, so I took it. My lovely wife decided to take the kids to the cinema, but suggested if I wanted to head of fishing I should do so as the film they wanted to see … Continued

Dark thoughts and coffee

Yesterday, for a change, I managed to leave work at a decent time. I popped home for a quick bite to eat (left over pizza from the night before is an excellent, quick post-fishing meal) and headed off for a few ours on the river. I arrived at the Linzford stretch at 6:30pm, more or less the same time the … Continued

Orvis Fly Fishing Guide (Kindle) on special offer

Not sure what the normal price is (paperback is getting on for £15) but for a limited time The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide has been reduced to a bargain price of £1.98. According to Amazon, this is the completely revised and updated with over 400 new color photos and illustrations version of the e-book. At less than two quid it’s cheaper than, … Continued

Top 10 apps for the Fly Fisherman

As my last techie post seemed to hit the spot for the two regular readers of this blog (hello Mum & Dad) I thought I’d follow it up with this one. My top 10 apps for the fisherman isn’t in any particular order, I do use these constantly, but they fall in and out of favour pretty regularly too. None … Continued

How old is my Hardy Rod?

[phpbay keywords=”Hardy Cane fly Rod -style” num=”1″ siteid=”15″ category=”11144″ maxprice=”199.99″ sortorder=”BestMatch” templatename=”neff” paging=”false”] If I had a pound for every time someone had asked “How old is my Hardy Rod?” of this site, I’d have £14.50 now (the 50p is down to someone asking how valuable  their rod was, I decided it wasn’t quite close enough to the original question to … Continued

Review of the Wychwood Vuefinder Fly Patch – UPDATE

At the end of my Wychwood Vuefinder fly patch review I stated: “So all in all, I’m very pleased with the Wychwood Vuefinder Fly Patch. It’s well built (issues above not withstanding) and has some really useful features and hold flies – which for a fly box is all you can ask!” That was before I used the fly patch in … Continued