This years most important piece of fishing gear

I’ve been looking through all the gear I lug around, and all the gear I’d like to buy, so I can lug it around, and decided that by far the most important piece of fishing gear I’ll use this year is in the photo below. No, it’s not a toilet roll – though that has many uses (try using a … Continued

Real manufacturing – Hardy Reels History, an interview with the reel design team

After taking a tour around the manufacturing side of Hardy & Greys at Alnwick towards the end of last year, I was struck by the range of machinery used and the attention to detail that went into creating each reel produced at their Willowburn factory. I sent a mail to Hardy the company asking if it’d be possible to visit … Continued

Minke Multi-Tool – first impressions

Way back in August last year, I came across a Twitter message about a funky new tool for tying hooks to line. The product in question was looking for financial backing through Kickstarter, a website where anyone with an idea for a product, game, piece of music, film or artwork can showcase their project in an attempt to raise funding … Continued