Start of a new season

As has been said by many fly fishing bloggers over the last week or two, the opening day couldn’t come round soon enough – and it seems like an age since breaking the rod down at the end of last season. I’d hoped to get out yesterday, the official start to the season up here, but with a list of … Continued

New flies for the new season

As we get closer and closer to the new season starting here on the 22nd, I’ve finally pulled my finger out and starting stocking up on flies. I’m fully aware that after months of no casting practice what so ever the vast majority will be offered up to the tree gods, left dangling off riverside tree branches like the earrings … Continued

Quick fly tying tip to keep you tidy

Hopefully this fly tying tip isn’t me telling you something you already know, if this is old news please leave a comment below. To me this is a great time saver, and keeps me on the right side of Mrs NEFF. I tie my flies on the kitchen table, so unlike you lucky so and so’s who’ve got your own … Continued