Hello, fancy seeing you here?!

I’m a ‘just turned 40’ husband to a great and understanding wife, and have two fabulous children. We all live on the very west side of Gateshead, up here in the North East of England.

Before moving up to the North East, over 10 years ago, we lived in flat old Lincolnshire – where all of my fly fishing was carried out on lakes and reservoirs.

Ever since moving up here I’d been desperate to get stuck into river fishing for trout – something I’d only ever done once over on the Ribble near Settle. For some reason (still can’t really say for sure what) my first eight years up here was totally devoid of any fishing activity. Must have been all the DIY Mrs Northeastflyfisherman had me doing.

Anyway, I finally got round to investigating fly fishing in the area, and came across the Derwent Angling Association and the fantastic stretch of the River Derwent in County Durham.

For £50 I can fish almost anywhere along a 15 mile stretch of the river – all that river for the cost of two still water day tickets!

I’ve managed 3 seasons up to now, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my time down on the Derwent. Over the last few months I’ve been investigating a few more rivers within striking distance of here to give a try – now I have ‘some’ degree of river fishing skill I think I might join another club (if SWMBO will sign that off) for the 2013 season.

I hope you enjoy my inane drivel on this blog. As usual, they are my thoughts and mine alone – so if I do offend, you’ve only got me to blame.