It’s a simple premise, every friday I’ll announce five new home tied flies I’ll be giving away. You then have from Friday to the following Thursday to tweet or post a comment on that weeks giveaway page.

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Each giveaway will have it’s own post on the blog, it’ll let you know what type of flies I’m going to tie for you to win. You post a brief comment on this page (enter anything you like, make it original!) or click the link on the page to tweet. When the competition is over the winner will be announced on that weeks giveaway page.

If you enter by commenting AND tweeting, you double your chances of winning.

Five Free Fly Friday Gallery


The giveaway is free, that’s free as in won’t cost you a penny. I’ll tie the flies, parcel them up and send them to you for nowt.

If you win I’ll send you a mail (or a DM) requesting your delivery address – I’ll need this to send the flies to you, but will not share the delivery address, or your email address with anyone else – promise!

From my side, hopefully I’ll get some much needed practice in fly tying (there not terrible, don’t worry about getting junk – could always do with practice though!) and a few more visitors to the site to bore with my inane drivel about (not) catching small trout on a North East river.

But the most important plus of this whole thing is for my kids – as we don’t have camera film anymore, I had to think of an alternative to those handy little tubs film used to come in as a container to send the flies out in. Enter stage left the Kinder Egg toy container! Every week my kids now get to have a Kinder Egg just so I can have the plastic yellow container to send you your free flies in!

Scratch that, due to the unique (and bloody stupid) way the Post Office are now calculating posting costs, using a Kinder Egg tub means it’ll cost me £2.50 to post, whereas if I use a hook box (or other thinner thing) it’s just 90p. Kids’ll have to do without chocolate.

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