W/C 10th June – Five Free Fly Friday

The five free flies for this friday are Grizzle Hackle, black body with red thorax, orange post parachute flies.

This weeks Five Free Fly Friday - Dave

I’ve noticed my flies are tending to have rather long (but very descriptive) names. So, to make things easier, I’m going to give them somewhat shorter names. This one will be christened “Dave“.

  • Hook: Size 16 Kamasan B405 (de-barbed)
  • Tail & Hackle: Metz grizzle cock
  • Body:
  • Post: Orange Antron Wool
  • Thorax: Davy Wotton Master Class SLF18 (scarlet)
  • Thread: Brown Cobweb

Dave is a great evening fly – if you can’t see the post on this one in low light, you’re blind. The black body makes this good for when those terrestrials are making an appearance, and the size puts it’s profile right in the middle of the flies hatching at the moment. Bit of Gink and it’ll float all night long, even with a Nymph strapped to it!

If you’ve entered before, feel free to enter again! If you’ve not entered, please do IT’S FREE!!!

Start tweeting/commenting now to have a chance of winning Dave – winner announced Thursday 13th June 🙂

See here for more info about the giveaway, and why I’m doing it.

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