W/C 16th February – Five Free Fly Friday

After many, many weeks of looking at my tying gear but doing nothing, I’ve finally gotten round to making some files. I think it was to option of either watching ‘Splash’ on ITV or sitting at the vice – and as far as choices go that’s not a difficult one!

Along with stocking up my own fly box, I’ve knocked up some for a long overdue Five Free Fly Friday…

This weeks flies are a pattern I’ve carefully crafted (or knocked up, take your pick) based on a selection of the flies that I’ve good success with in the past, and also made to take advantage of some new tying materials I purchased recently.

Five Free Fly Friday #FFFF Nymph Two Pink

I suppose I should give them a name – so how does Nymph Two Pink sound?

The tying is as follows:

If it fishes similar to the flies I’ve based it on, it’ll be a great fly for dropping into the fast flowing pocket waters to winkle out those tricky trout, it should also work well with the ladies/aqua pigs/bottom scum sucking silver leaches.

The hooks from Dohiku are brand new to me, I’ve not fished them at all yet. However, if the way they easily and painfully stuck in my fingers whilst taking them from the packet is anything to go by, they’ll do the job perfectly. If you’re interested in getting your hands on a packet, head over to Tungsten Beads.

If you’ve entered before, feel free to enter again! If you’ve not entered, please do IT’S FREE!!!

Start tweeting/commenting now to have a chance of winning – winner announced Friday 27th Feb 🙂

See here for more info about the giveaway, and why I’m doing it.

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  1. Fred N.

    The flies are very well made. I would love to try these on a river and see how well they work. 🙂


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