W/C 17th June – Five Free Fly Friday

The five free flies for this friday are Griffiths Gnats

W/C 17th June - Five Free Fly Friday

  • Hook: Size 20 Partridge TDH (de-barbed)
  • Tail & Hackle: Metz grizzle cock
  • Body: Peacock Hearl
  • Thread: Brown Cobweb

This fly is a must have for when the trout ignore everything other than those damn midges! I’ve heard that the Griffiths Gnat can represent a single fly, or Midges in a mating ball.

I’ve found trimming the hackle off the bottom of the fly helps in two areas – firstly it allows the fly to sit a little lower in the waters surface  and secondly it aids the hook up of the fish by not having the small hook masked by hackles.

If you’ve entered before, feel free to enter again! If you’ve not entered, please do IT’S FREE!!! Let see if we can top the 8 (eight) entries from last week.

Start tweeting/commenting now to have a chance of winning Dave – winner announced Thursday 13th June :)

See here for more info about the giveaway, and why I’m doing it.

3 Responses to “W/C 17th June – Five Free Fly Friday”

  1. nick

    Hi Matthew.
    I’ve occasionly visited your blog, usually via other links. This time it was while looking at fly boxes and fortunately came across your vuefinder review.
    As always a good read!
    Regards Nick.

    • North East Fly Fisherman

      Thanks for the comment Nick – I’m Steven by the way 😉

      I do still use the Fly Patch box, but only because I paid £15 for it and can’t bear to see it going to waste. I’m looking for a replacement.

  2. Stephen Hynes.

    Hello from Australia,
    I often use a Griffith’s Gnat with a tiny nymph on a very short dropper when the trout turn up their noses at all the wooly worms, buggers and other large mouthsful that I’ve thrown at them. Works well in the small lakes that I fish when I’m not wading up my local small creeks. I enjoy your site very much.


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