Old(er) age eyesight and fishing

Troubled by poor eyesight, have the text on your phone tuned up to huge just so you can read it, struggling to tie even the largest daddy long legs on your 15lb mono? This post has some top tips to bring back the good old days of being able to see what you’re doing!

Tap, tap – is this thing still on…?

After a shade over 3 years in the fishing wilderness (and I don’t mean the upper reaches of the Tees) I’ve finally managed to get myself into gear and back on the river again. Work, family and a host of other less important stuff seemed to get in the way. What started off as not heading out for a week or … Continued

New flies for the new season

As we get closer and closer to the new season starting here on the 22nd, I’ve finally pulled my finger out and starting stocking up on flies. I’m fully aware that after months of no casting practice what so ever the vast majority will be offered up to the tree gods, left dangling off riverside tree branches like the earrings … Continued

Quick fly tying tip to keep you tidy

Hopefully this fly tying tip isn’t me telling you something you already know, if this is old news please leave a comment below. To me this is a great time saver, and keeps me on the right side of Mrs NEFF. I tie my flies on the kitchen table, so unlike you lucky so and so’s who’ve got your own … Continued

NEFF Weekly Fly Fishing bargains – 16th February

There isn’t a week goes by where at some point, and usually more than once I trawl through the listings on eBay looking for a fly fishing bargain. And if it’s not eBay, then it’ll be Orvis, GAC, Sportfish, Fishtec or any one of a dozen more online goodie stores. As I spend a lot of idle time staring at stuff I want, but possibly … Continued

NEFF Weekly Fly Fishing bargains – 9th February

There isn’t a week goes by where at some point, and usually more than once I trawl through the listings on eBay looking for a fly fishing bargain. And if it’s not eBay, then it’ll be Orvis, GAC, Sportfish, Fishtec or any one of a dozen more online goodie stores. As I spend a lot of idle time staring at … Continued

Putting Day One Fishing Journal snippet into iPad TextExpander (works for iPhone too)

Since writing my blog post about using Day One and TextExpander for my fishing journal, I’ve had quite a few questions from folk wanting to do the same. One question that’s been asked a few times now, and lastly by Dennis in the comments to that post only last week, is how to get the TextExpander snippets into the iPad … Continued

This years most important piece of fishing gear

I’ve been looking through all the gear I lug around, and all the gear I’d like to buy, so I can lug it around, and decided that by far the most important piece of fishing gear I’ll use this year is in the photo below. No, it’s not a toilet roll – though that has many uses (try using a … Continued

September dates for your diary

It may be getting to the end of the season, but there are still events on out there for you to enjoy. And, if like me you’ve got your mother in law coming to stay this weekend and need an excuse to get out the way for a few hours, read on I have an ideal distraction for you! Hardy … Continued

Salmon & Trout Association Juniors introduction to fishing day

Last Saturday saw Joe and me head off to the Derwent Reservoir for the Salmon and Trout Association introduction day to fishing. I’d found out about the event on the twitter stream of Anne Woodcock (@ladiesfishing). Anne was kind enough to point me in the direction of the organiser Cliff Johnston to book our place, and on friday morning we … Continued

This wednesday, I’ll be mostly floating in 10.86 km² of water

This morning I woke up with a plan – not the usual plan of sneaking out the house before anyone had the chance to ask me where I was going, head down to the river and fish until the inevitable “are you coming home, you’ve xxx still to finish!” (replace xxx with a part complete DIY task, there are many … Continued

Free ways to get your Fly Fishing news fix

For as long as I’ve been a fly fisherman, I’ve also been a fly fishing magazine buyer. Before moving up to the North East I spent my time fishing lakes and reservoirs in and around Lincolnshire – Trout Fisherman was my magazine of choice. After our move up here, and after realising how much fun river fishing could be Trout … Continued

Google Reader is dead. Long live, er…

A while back I wrote a post about how I collect and view Fly Fishing Blog posts into Google Reader, then view them at my leisure using an excellent iOS and Mac app called Reeder. As of July 1st, that method of keeping up with all things trout related on the Internet is not going to be available to me … Continued

North East Fly Fisherman going for a Tumblr

To help share some of the online videos I’ve found, sites I visit and Fly Fishing related photo’s I’ve come across, I’ve set up a North East Fly Fisherman Tumblr site! For those of you (like me a few weeks ago) who don’t know what Tumblr is, in their own words: Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos from … Continued

What’s your time on the River?

During a conversation this morning with Mrs Neff about what we’re likely to get up to this weekend, I tentatively suggested the idea of an all day session on the river on Sunday. I’ve not had an early morning start yet this season, and with things finally looking up I rather fancied having a go tomorrow. My wife is usually a … Continued

W/C 23rd May – Five Free Fly Friday

UPDATE: We have a winner! the Winner of the 1st #fivefreeflyfriday is @DrWestgarth. I’ll send the flies out over the weekend as son as I get your address Stephen 🙂 Unfortunately, due to the pretty horrid weather, the sea fishing trip was cancelled. The captain phoned last night to say the three other guys who were going out with us … Continued

Flyfishing Freebie Giveaway!

On my way home from my last trip out to the Derwent, I gave some thought to how I could gain a little more traffic to the blog, and give me a way to improve my fishing. Mid way along the A694, as I passed through Rowlands Gill, I had a moment of clarity – it was here the idea … Continued

Orvis Fly Fishing Guide (Kindle) on special offer

Not sure what the normal price is (paperback is getting on for £15) but for a limited time The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide has been reduced to a bargain price of £1.98. According to Amazon, this is the completely revised and updated with over 400 new color photos and illustrations version of the e-book. At less than two quid it’s cheaper than, … Continued

Trout & Salmon iPad app – not the convenience I’d hoped

As is the norm these days, the TV last night was awful. So awful I decided to give it a miss, pop on my headphones for some music whilst catching up on the recent fly fishing blog posts. Mid way through the new Biffy Clyro album, Opposites (very good by the way) I remembered to check the Trout & Salmon … Continued

Thoughts for the new season

Tonight is (hopefully) the eve of my 2013 fishing season – if the weather behaves itself tomorrow, then I’ll be heading off to the river for the first time in many months. As I’ve spent the last few weeks busily fly tying, reel oiling, cleaning lines, removing 4 month old tangerines from my fishing vest (surprisingly decent looking, considering) and … Continued