A reading list for those (far too frequent) rainy days

Over the last few weeks, I’ve collected together as many links to fly fishing related blogs as I can find to populate my Google Reader account. If you’re interested, from there I access them via my various Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, MacBook Air and iMac) using some fabulously simple software called ‘Reeder‘.

Every time one of the fly fishing blogs adds a new post, I have it available to read on all the above devices – when I read it on one, it’s marked as read on all. Very handy indeed.

Anyway, as I’ve got this list of fly fishing blogs I thought it would be handy to share them with all, incase you wanted to set up your own Google Reader account, or if you were just curious about how many fly fisherman can actually write!

I’ll keep adding them to the list over the next day or so. If you have a site that isn’t on the list there is a form at the foot of the page , fill it in and I’ll make sure you get added ASAP.

You’ll see the link up there at the top of the page. No, further up – in the green band, yep that’s it you’ve got it.

Or, you can use this link here: Fly Fishing Blogs


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