…and I’m back! New year, new post

It’s been waaay too long since I last posted here. That’s mainly because I’ve not been fishing since pretty much last time I posted (august 2012 to save you looking).

Last year seems like such a long time ago – all memories of rainy days, high and coloured rivers and grumpy children wanting Dad to stay home to play are long gone. I’ve replaced them with naive memories of sun kissed river banks, me strolling care free rod in hand spotting 3lb Brownies loitering beneath overhanging willows… (well you can dream can’t you?).

Anyway, towards the end of the school hols last year we headed off abroad to go and see my parents. Three weeks later we returned to good old blighty, September was upon us and all fishing ceased.

‘Things’ got in the way, like ‘Things’ tend too. Since then I’ve not had a huge amount of time to think about going fishing, but this weekend when the question of ‘where should we go for a family walk?’ cropped up I immediately offered up a wander down the banks of the Derwent.

We arrived at Shotley Bridge (at the car park near the foot bridge) at around 2:30pm, car lights already forcing themselves on during the journey over, it was getting a little gloomy.

I did get an urge to don the waders and get the rod strung up (always in the back of the car, just in case) but when I saw how much water was in the river I thought better of it. Not only because I’m unsure if it’s even worth casting a line when it’s like that, but more because I can imagine it’s bloody freezing wading in that depth of water at this time of year!

Anyway, you’ll see more from the video as to how high and fast it was flowing. Last time I saw it this high it was the colour of milky coffee. This time it was like tea without the milk. I hear a lot of the extra water is due to the reservoir being full and constantly releasing water.

[vimeo 56946016]

I can only imagine any Salmon that’ve taken advantage of the new (or not so new) work down stream are going to love this?

So it’s now 2013, I’m going to resolve to post here more than I did last year – that’s as far as I’m going though!

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