Barking dogs, Road Race failure and a late bid for freedom

Today was a good day for fishing. The temperature was right, there was little wind, it was a Saturday, the river would have settled nicely from the last bout of rain earlier in the week – all good things, things that don’t align like this very often.

However, one, well several, other things were conspiring against me. I had to head into work to solve some nasty server related issues and I had a bunch of chores assigned to me by SWMBO, including rather a lot of DIY.

To compound this, I had a late night watching the Olympic opening ceremony (Danny Boyle, you sir are a genius!) only to be woken up at 4am with next doors dogs deciding to give the birds a run for their money at the dawn chorus. By the time the alarm went off at 7:30 to get me up for work, I was shattered.

Anyway, off to work I goes, there for 8:30, did my bit and home again for 1pm. Everything went well, server rebuilt and running like a well oiled turkish wrestler.

Came back to find the cycling on the TV – Cavendish was a shoe in for a gold medal, it was going to be a piece of cake, he couldn’t loose. Could he?

Yep, he could. The GB team played a waiting game, only they waited too long. By the time they pulled the trigger and went for it there wasn’t enough race left to catch up with the leaders. Oddly, the people who know a lot more about cycling than me (that’d be most people) are blaming it on the other teams for not ‘helping’ the GB boys – not sure how that can be their job?

A light lunch and cup of tea later and it’s on with the chores. The boy needed his hair cut, the hoover needed a trip to the repair shop and I needed to sort the shopping out for the coming week.

As midday moved into early afternoon, I kept glancing out the window. There was a rain shower coming down, but that didn’t look like lasting, and would probably only go to making the evening rise that little bit better.

Making my way nicely through the list, I finally came to the DIY…

1) Put up shelves for the No 1 sons room

That’d be multiple shelves of the home made variety, needing home made brackets using wood not yet purchased. All in all, not a 5 minute job.

2 hours later, and I knew I wasn’t going fishing today. Things were taking longer than expected, and the list seemed to be growing not shrinking.

So if I wasn’t going to go fishing, I could at least enjoy a beer whilst replenishing some of the flies I’ve left embedded in the many trees, bushes and nettles along the bank side of the Derwent.

I finished the shelving, but how to get past the Commander in Chief and off fly tying in piece?

With fly tying box under my arm we met across the living room carpet – I was like a fly half, with one more tackle to dodge before a memorable try. Dropped my shoulder and swerved the other direction, a quick burst of pace and I’m clear through into the kitchen – door closed, music on and I’ve made it.

The Flies

I decided some dry emerger type flies would be in order, but I wanted something that would sit low in the water. The results of my labour can be seen below. The hook is a size 14 Drennan Dry Fly (had them ages, rocking the up turned eye – old skool!). Tail is ginger cock hackle fibres, body of peasant herl with mylar shinny stuff ribbing. Hackle is brown cock, trimmed short underneath to make it sit loooow in the water. I like to leave the hackle underneath about the size of 5 day stubble – it gives the Gink something to soak into.



The Fly

After knocking up half a dozen of the emergers, No 1 son came in and wanted to ‘help’. 7 year olds and hackles/small hooks don’t go too well together, so out come the size 8 long shanks and Day-Glo materials. You can see the results of his (and my) labour below. It’s Day-Glo yellow with mylar shinny stuff in the tail, and a good dose of lead under the Day-Glo chenille.


Next time we go to the reservoir for a family picnic this bad boy is going to be given a run out. He calls it ‘Ellis’ (don’t ask) and is rather proud of himself.

Well, tomorrow seems to be getting filled up almost as much as today. Though the late afternoon seems to be pleasantly un accounted for – fingers crossed, you never know…

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