How to dry CDC like Eric Clapton

As much as I’d like to suggest I found this tip, it actually came from TheTroutFly, the very good blog of Douglas Cameron Hall.

If like me (and Douglas) you’re hacked off with having to regularly change your waterlogged CDC flies, this tip will be invaluable.

And, if you like the idea of playing a nice guitar solo whilst drying your CDC fly, then you sir (or madam) are in luck!

Previously I’ve tried all sorts of methods to breathe life back into drowned CDC flies. The most recent being a tip I received on the banks of the Derwent from a fisherman just leaving the river, he advised that I soak my CDC in Gink (other sylicon based floatants are available) and let it dry out totally. He then suggested I would be able to dry the fly quickly and easily using nothing more than kitchen towel.

What he didn’t say, was that using his method I could create my own musical accompaniment to the drying process – and for that reason alone I’ll be using the method below in future!

Oh, and yes I do know this video is in Spanish, but you won’t need a translator to understand what’s going on…

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