NEFF Weekly Fly Fishing bargains – 9th February

There isn’t a week goes by where at some point, and usually more than once I trawl through the listings on eBay looking for a fly fishing bargain. And if it’s not eBay, then it’ll be Orvis, GAC, Sportfish, Fishtec or any one of a dozen more online goodie stores.

As I spend a lot of idle time staring at stuff I want, but possibly don’t need (don’t tell Mrs Neff I said that) I thought I’d list a few of the good ones here. They may be innovative, cheap, unusual, or just plain old necessities that everyone should have (but may not need).

So if you’re looking for some Fly Fishing Bargains, hopefully you’ll find something below, or on the upcoming pages, of interest.

 This weeks Fly Fishing Bargains


Guided day on the dee

Guided day Grayling fishing on the Welsh Dee

What better way to get you back in the swing of things, and catch some belting Grayling at the same time? with a starting bid of just £69.99 a day on the Welsh Dee with England International Phil Dixon is an excellent way to blow the dust off your casting arm and get an insight into how best to catch those big ladies. If you’d like to find out more, or even place a bid for a days guided fishing on the Dee head over there now – the auction closes on the 15th Feb at 6:47pm

Stock up on your fly boxesFly boxes

If you’ve been busy at the vice all winter, diligently building up a stock of flies for the coming season you’ve probably a need for some more fly boxes. This lot has 5 decent sized (ideal for a vest pocket or for a small bag) fly boxes, with one being a rather nice black Richard Wheatley. There’s also a Wheatley-esque metal clip style box, two foam and a nice wooden one. The auction for the five fly boxes closes on 15th Feb at 7:27pm, head over there now to place a bid

Orvis bootsNew boots for the new season

Do you remember putting those wading boots away last year and thinking you might just get another season out of them? Between then and now I bet the sole’s have come away from the rest of the boot even more, and the hole in the side is even bigger than you remember. Why not splash out and treat yourself to a new pair – and if you take a size 11 shoe, you’re in luck. This auction is for a pair of Orvis River Guide Streamline studded boots in the aforementioned size. They’re brand spanking new with tags on and in their box. The auction ends on the 16th Feb at 2:50pm, there’s a little interest at the moment keep an eye on the auction and you could grab a bargain.

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