NEFF Weekly Fly Fishing bargains – 16th February

There isn’t a week goes by where at some point, and usually more than once I trawl through the listings on eBay looking for a fly fishing bargain. And if it’s not eBay, then it’ll be OrvisGACSportfishFishtec or any one of a dozen more online goodie stores.

As I spend a lot of idle time staring at stuff I want, but possibly don’t need (don’t tell Mrs Neff I said that) I thought I’d list a few of the good ones here. They may be innovative, cheap, unusual, or just plain old necessities that everyone should have (but may not need).

So if you’re looking for some Fly Fishing Bargains, hopefully you’ll find something below, or on the upcoming pages, of interest.

 This weeks Fly Fishing Bargains


Simms G3 WadersSimms G3 Waders in Extra Large

These are certainly not new, and have seen some action – but if you’re a dab hand with the Aquaseal, or if you’re looking for a donor pair of waders to repair your existing Simms Waders, you won’t go far wrong with these. And at extra-large, if you are looking to use them for material to repair your own set, you’ll have plenty to go at! Currently the price is just £3.20, with the auction ending on 19th February (Wednesday) at 6:07pm

Orvis Super Wading Tac L Pac Vest in SmallOrvis Tac L Pac

I’ve had this vest for over 20 years, and up to last season when I purchased the Orvis Safe Passage Tri-Pack it was the only vest I’d ever used. It was that good I didn’t feel the need to replace it. As I started getting a little more adventurous last season in the distance and time I was out for, the larger backpack style of the Safe Passage Tri-Pack won me over. There’s the tiniest of holes in one of the (many) front pockets, but that’s really no big deal. You do get a free Simms Zinger with the vest though! Currently there are no bids (this is a £100 vest if ever there was one), the auction ends 19 February (Wednesday) at 5:26pm

Orvis Adjustable Boxes

Orvis Adjustable Fly Boxes (3 different sizes)

If you’ve listened to the Orvis Podcast by Tom Rosenbauer, you’ll have heard him wax lyrical about these boxes. The ability to adjust the compartments inside makes it possible for you to tailor the box to suit you – if you’ve got some seriously big salt water flies, but fancy taking some size 20 midges along too – you can make a single box fit both perfectly. It’s also a great addition to any tying bench – perfect for customising to fit exactly with the feathers, hooks, threads etc you want to fit in it. Orvis have these on sale at the moment, 50% with the smallest costing £6.30, medium £7.70 and large £8.75

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