New flies for the new season

As we get closer and closer to the new season starting here on the 22nd, I’ve finally pulled my finger out and starting stocking up on flies. I’m fully aware that after months of no casting practice what so ever the vast majority will be offered up to the tree gods, left dangling off riverside tree branches like the earrings worn by Oscar winning actress Bet Lynch.

So with that in mind, I need to rattle out a good stock of early season flies, safe in the knowledge that loosing a few in the shrubbery will not result in an early finish to my day on the river.

I’ve been scouring the Internet to get some inspiration for my early season fly box. After a couple of shopping trips online to Tungsten Beads and Lakeland Fly Tying and to my local tackle stores Frasers and ID Tackle (what’s going on with their website??), I’ve been steadily working through the patterns listed below.

Most of the links are Step-by-Step guides, some just pictures so I’ve made up the tying myself. On a few I’ve substituted the odd material I was missing with those I had – things like Coq De Leon tails (don’t have) substituted with brown cock hackle fibres (do have). Though this probably makes the fly a little different to the one the SBS author intended, I’ve a feeling the fish couldn’t give two hoots.

I’d love to hear about any additional flies you feel would compliment or enhance this collection, or if you are aware of different/better SBS’s for the same flies.

I’ve a few evenings at the vice ahead of me yet (I’ll need to buy a new fly box at this rate!) so with luck I’ll be fully stocked up for the 22nd, now if only this spring like weather could stay around until then…

  1. JT Olive – SBS
  2. Quill Body CDC Emerger No. 2 – SBS
  3. CDC folded wing Dun – SBS
  4. Large Dark Olive – Photo
  5. Peeping Caddis Fly – SBS (half way down page)
  6. Red Fox Squirrel Nymph – Photo (almost at bottom of page)

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