…and I’m back! New year, new post

It’s been waaay too long since I last posted here. That’s mainly because I’ve not been fishing since pretty much last time I posted (august 2012 to save you looking). Last year seems like such a long time ago – all memories of rainy days, high and coloured rivers and grumpy children wanting Dad to stay home to play are … Continued

A reading list for those (far too frequent) rainy days

Over the last few weeks, I’ve collected together as many links to fly fishing related blogs as I can find to populate my Google Reader account. If you’re interested, from there I access them via my various Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, MacBook Air and iMac) using some fabulously simple software called ‘Reeder‘. Every time one of the fly fishing blogs … Continued

How to dry CDC like Eric Clapton

As much as I’d like to suggest I found this tip, it actually came from TheTroutFly, the very good blog of Douglas Cameron Hall. If like me (and Douglas) you’re hacked off with having to regularly change your waterlogged CDC flies, this tip will be invaluable.

Barking dogs, Road Race failure and a late bid for freedom

Today was a good day for fishing. The temperature was right, there was little wind, it was a Saturday, the river would have settled nicely from the last bout of rain earlier in the week – all good things, things that don’t align like this very often. However, one, well several, other things were conspiring against me. I had to … Continued

The hidden cost of fly fishing

I don’t think there are any of us who would argue that fly fishing, if you want it to be, can be an expensive hobby. High end rods costing upwards of £500, reels of a similar price, line, clothing and those oh so essential gadgets and gizmo’s all mount up to a kings ransom if you let it. One area … Continued

‘Poaching’ on the Derwent

Poaching – conjures up images of wily old men, clever as a foxes and twice as cunning. Bedecked in a long but well worn Barbour, inside pockets nicely flushed out with a brace (or two) of Pheasants/Rabbits/Hares, only taking what they need to put a square meal on the family table back at the little cottage in the forest. Hold that … Continued

Is fly fishing turning course?

My first experience of fishing was, as with many people, going fishing with my father (I don’t mean many people went fishing with MY father, I mean many people went with… you know what I mean don’t you?). At the time he was very involved with the course fishing match scene, spending most weekends somewhere in the UK fishing a … Continued