Putting Day One Fishing Journal snippet into iPad TextExpander (works for iPhone too)

Since writing my blog post about using Day One and TextExpander for my fishing journal, I’ve had quite a few questions from folk wanting to do the same.

One question that’s been asked a few times now, and lastly by Dennis in the comments to that post only last week, is how to get the TextExpander snippets into the iPad application.

Thankfully it’s a pretty easy thing to do, but to help make the process as simple to understand as possible I’ve listed the steps and added relevant screen grabs below.

I’m using an iPad running the latest version of iOS7 for this, but the instructions are exactly the same for iPhone users

  1. Head over to my GitHub page where the Fishing Journal snippets are stored
  2. Click the link for the ‘fishing journal.textexpander’

  3. Click the ‘Raw’ option

  4. Select all the text and when prompted, click ‘Copy’

  5. Open TextExpander on your iPad/iPhone
  6. Navigate to the Snippet Group where you want your Fishing Journal snippets to be stored
  7. Click the + at the bottom of the page

  8. Enter the abbreviation you’ll use to trigger the Snippet

  9. Paste the snippet into the Content panel

  10. Click ‘Done’ and you’re done!

Don’t forget to make sure Day One has TextExpander support enabled (look in Day One settings, advanced, slide the TextExpander button to the right)

You’re all ready to go now, if you enter the TextExpander abbreviation into a Day One diary page, you’ll get your Fishing Journal template ready to fill in!

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  1. Dennis

    Thanks all loaded. One glitch is that day one does not recognize my abbreviation. I have turned on textextender in advanced settings several time but it keeps coming back off. Any thoughts? Dennis


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