Trout & Salmon iPad app – not the convenience I’d hoped

As is the norm these days, the TV last night was awful. So awful I decided to give it a miss, pop on my headphones for some music whilst catching up on the recent fly fishing blog posts.

Mid way through the new Biffy Clyro album, Opposites (very good by the way) I remembered to check the Trout & Salmon app on my iPad – it must be about time for the May edition to come out.

Trout & Salmon on the iPad – the perfect solution?

I tried the Trout & Salmon iPad edition for the first time last month. I was finding it increasingly difficult to locate the prinited magazine in the newsagents around here. If you want a magazine filled with scantily silicon breasted bimbos, were after a publication that promises of a ripped six pack in less than 4 days, or perhaps get weekly updates on all the gossip about your favourite z list soap celebrity, then you’re sorted. A copy of Trout & Salmon, not a hope in hell.

So the iPad option sounded perfect. It’s a bit cheaper, though not by much – how does that work, when they’ve zero printing costs to deal with? And it’s available direct to your iPad with the minimum of fuss. Or at least it was last month. This month it’s a totally different story…

Trout & Salmon on the iPad – the perfect solution, Nope.

I paid the asking price of £2.99 for the May edition last night around 10pm. I watched the blue bar steadily move over to the right, indicating it’d completed it’s download. Clicked on the thumbnail and the May edition front cover opened up before me. A few seconds later with no warning, and getting no further than the front cover, it crashed.

I re-opened the app, it was showing the latest edition, but said it needed downloading again. I clicked once more (thankfully it recognised I’d already paid) got partway through downloading, then crashed.

Re-opened, went through the steps again, this time I get an error message saying I need to quit the app, re-open and try downloading again.

Did that, only for it to stop as quickly as it started, and display the same error message again.

To try and remove all possible reasons for it to not work, I quit all apps and cleared all active sessions. Restarted the iPad and had another go. Still not working.

Removed all purchased copies of T&S from the app, quit all running apps, restarted, still freezing, still crashing.

By this time I’d spent over 30 minutes faffing about – I could have found a printed copy in the 24hr ASDA in that time, and got back home again!

I then tried downloading the April copy I’d purchased last month. Worked like a charm, less than a minute to download, was able to open and read all the articles without a problem. I tried the sample freebie edition (which looks to contain a couple of articles from the current edition) that worked faultlessly too. At this point I gave in and decided to look at the classified adds on the fly fishing forum – now that’s is dangerous!

I had another go downloading May Trout & Salmon this morning – still not having it.

It’s obviously an issue with this edition, rather than the app itself, but either way it’s bloody frustrating. I’ll try again later this evening, if that doesn’t work it’s back to the old skool method – take a trip to the newsagent!

Has anyone else experienced this, or is it just me?

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