W/C 23rd May – Five Free Fly Friday

UPDATE: We have a winner! the Winner of the 1st #fivefreeflyfriday is @DrWestgarth. I’ll send the flies out over the weekend as son as I get your address Stephen 🙂

Unfortunately, due to the pretty horrid weather, the sea fishing trip was cancelled. The captain phoned last night to say the three other guys who were going out with us had phoned through to say they didn’t fancy it, so with the weather and only two people left on the charter he decided it wasn’t worth setting out. Gutted.

Instead of throwing up over the side of a boat in the North Sea, I decided to make the most of the unexpected free time and tie up the flies for the inaugural Five Free Fly Friday!

The five free flies for this friday are Pink Post Parachute flies:

  • Hook: 14 Kamasan B170 (de-barbed)
  • Tail & Hackle: Metz Grizzle Cock Hackle
  • Body: Possum
  • Rib: Fine pearl tinsel
  • Post: Pink Antron
  • Thread: Brown Cobweb

This fly accounted for a large proportion of my catches last season. I spend a good part of my season fishing in the evening, the pink post helps no end when the light is starting to fade and the fish start feeding. It’s also a good pattern for using as the dry in a Duo setup. The hackle is quite heavy (as opposed to a light tying) so will float very well. The Antron and hackle will also take a good soaking with Gink to improve floatation even further.

To enter, either click here to tweet or leave a comment on this post (or the other one announcing the competition here). There’s no cost to you, 100% free to enter, if you post a comment and a tweet you get double the chance to win. This weeks comp closes at 10pm tonight.

Here they are the very flies you’re trying to win all their glory (and my back garden).

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