What’s your time on the River?

During a conversation this morning with Mrs Neff about what we’re likely to get up to this weekend, I tentatively suggested the idea of an all day session on the river on Sunday. I’ve not had an early morning start yet this season, and with things finally looking up I rather fancied having a go tomorrow.

My wife is usually a angel when it comes to such requests, but this time it was met with a almost inaudible snort, and a comment muttered under the breath. After a little cajoling she repeated it again – “You had 8 hours on your own fishing on Thursday!”.

That, I cannot deny is true. However, I really didn’t think I’d been that long. It was a mid day start after all. And that leads me to my question to you – what is the ‘normal’ length of your river sessions? I completely loose track of time once I get going, 8 hours seemed to fly by. If you’d asked me to estimate how long I’d been I’d have said 4 or at the absolute most, 5 hours.

Anyway – all is fine, I’ve suggested I look after the kids whilst SWMBO goes out to get her hair done, has coffee with friends and does a spot of shopping. I can now fish from early sunday through until Wednesday tea time.

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  1. Phil Sparks

    This made me smile as soon as I read it, I have exactly the same ability to loose time. As soon as I hit the river I seem to forget how to tell the time!


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