This years most important piece of fishing gear

I’ve been looking through all the gear I lug around, and all the gear I’d like to buy, so I can lug it around, and decided that by far the most important piece of fishing gear I’ll use this year is in the photo below.

No, it’s not a toilet roll – though that has many uses (try using a price of toilet paper to dry out your CDC flies, way more effective than fancy powder) as well as the obvious. The picture below shows a roll of bin liners – for those of you who like the specifications of the latest and greatest fishing gear, these are Brabantia Bin Liner G, 30 Litre (40 per roll). I’m a bit of a tackle tart, so went for the top end bin bags rather than the cheapo PoundLand variety, it’s worth paying that bit extra to get the best you can*.

Last year I noticed more and more rubbish on the banks of the Derwent. Some dropped by careless walkers/illegal campers/fishermen (Nooo! really? fishermen drop litter? shock horror. It’s true) some flotsam and jetsam caught up trees from highwater. Either way, it’s neither good for the environment nor good for the view.

So this year I’ve made a promise to myself – each time I head out to the river I’m taking this roll of high end refuse receptacles and making sure I collect any rubbish I come across, and deposit it in a bin on the way home. Did you hear that dog walkers, bag it and bin it, not bag it then hang it on a tree like a stinky out of season Christmas decoration (I know you bin your dog waste, I’m talking to the other dog walker, over there).

Please consider doing this yourself, it’s unlikely someone will do it for you and it feels good to put a bit of effort back into the river you get some much pleasure from.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on the best refuse sacks money can buy like I did*, grab a handful of those supermarket bags you keep in the kitchen draw and put them in your fishing bag/vest. I’ve even thought of a strap line for it, in case we can get the campaign going viral – “Take and old bag fishing”. My wife thought that sounded more like I wanted to take my Mother-in-Law out with me for a day on the water, clearly I have too much respect and love for the Mother-in-Law river to ever consider doing such a crazy thing as that.

Why not give it a go, pledge your involvement by leaving a comment below!

*That’s not strictly true. These bin bags have been kicking around the kitchen cupboards for several months after my wife purchased 30L bags for our 50L bin. Might as well put them to use?


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