Start of a new season

As has been said by many fly fishing bloggers over the last week or two, the opening day couldn’t come round soon enough – and it seems like an age since breaking the rod down at the end of last season. I’d hoped to get out yesterday, the official start to the season up here, but with a list of … Continued

Chatton Charity Fly Fishing Day

Several weeks ago Lucy Bowden posted on twitter about a charity fishing event at Chatton Trout Fishery she was organising and how she was looking for volunteers to help out on the day. It sounded fun, I had nothing on that day so, volunteer I did. The event was to raise money for a very worth while local charity, North Northumberland … Continued

A dalliance with the dark side

Since friday evening my Mother-in-Law has been stopping with us. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, she’s a lovely woman, especially when she’s a three and a half hour car ride away. Not so lovely when she’s close enough to bounce a half eaten Werthers Original off. Yesterday I had the perfect excuse to escape for a few … Continued

Epic Kielder? Lets see shall we…

As I mentioned the other week, I was offered a fantastic opportunity to experience the fishing on offer at Kielder Reservoir recently, in return for my day out all I had to do was tell you lot about my experiences. I’m a little late in getting this post out due to a week away with the family (I managed a … Continued

Over the pond, pond fishing

Last week I was lucky enough to travel over to Minneapolis on a business trip. Leaving the UK on Sunday afternoon, not to return until the following Sunday. As Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes*, it’s probably understandable that my thoughts turned to fishing when deciding what to do on my spare day on Saturday. Greg, a … Continued

Curing the fishing wall with a Guide

Every season around this time my fishing seems to hit a wall. Much like the amateur marathon runner who, after 16 miles of enjoyable running (is that even possible?) finds it hard to continue and has no enthusiasm to keep going. My wall is less to do with leg cramps and fitness issues, more to do with sunny weather, family … Continued

Low Westwood Big Fella

After looking to get out for a few hours on the river all week, I finally made it yesterday evening. The weather report for the weekend wasn’t looking great, and my wife is out on the lash with the girls all night Friday so Thursday was going to be my last chance for a while. I’ve been to Lintzford quite … Continued

A perfect fathers day

I’ve had the best Fathers day ever, fact. After a lazy morning, sausage and egg sarnie in bed followed by a Skype call with the old man to wish him all the best, me and number one son took off with the car loaded up with fishing gear and a football. Destination was Allansford, it had every thing we needed … Continued

New flies, fish and filthy buggers

As it’s fathers day tomorrow, and I have a day of surprises planned by my wife and kids, I thought I’d play it safe and get a couple of hours on the river tonight, tomorrow sounds too full of bike rides, picnics and football for squeezing any fishing in! I headed off to Lintzford 4:30pm, tackled up and on the … Continued

Sunday Sneep Session

I arrived at the gas plant on the end of Wallis Walls Road at around 2pm. The day had started out warm, but a little overcast – not quite the “not a cloud to be seen” sky of yesterday. But yesterday was a bike riding with the kids day, so sun was most welcome, today was a fishing day and … Continued

Finally, a fish filled session!

This morning I should have been up at the crack of dawn, heading north to Craster for a day out at sea. At the time I write this I should have just finished gutting my catch of Cod. Unfortunately, due to the weather, the captain of the charter boat we were going out in cancelled our trip the night before. … Continued

What a difference a day a makes (24 little hours)

Yesterday I spent a very enjoyable day on the River Coquet with my good friend Phil. It was my first time fishing this particular river, and from the places Phil showed me, hopefully won’t be my last. Coquet – different and good It’s certainly very different from what I’m used to on the Derwent, but in a good way. My … Continued

It’s official, I’m a walker not a fisher(man)

Even though I knew it’d be hard going after yesterdays downpour, I had the opportunity to steal a few hours on the river this afternoon, so I took it. My lovely wife decided to take the kids to the cinema, but suggested if I wanted to head of fishing I should do so as the film they wanted to see … Continued

Dark thoughts and coffee

Yesterday, for a change, I managed to leave work at a decent time. I popped home for a quick bite to eat (left over pizza from the night before is an excellent, quick post-fishing meal) and headed off for a few ours on the river. I arrived at the Linzford stretch at 6:30pm, more or less the same time the … Continued

Eddys Bridge on a cold, wet Sunday

This weekends outing saw me head to the most upstream beat of the DAA’s water. I drove up t Eddys Bridge, just outside the lovely parish of Muggleswick. There’s a little stretch of fishable water upstream of the bridge to the reservoir, but most people do as I did and head downstream. After parking up outside the chicken farm, donning … Continued

Getting off the mark

Apologies for this being another one of those ‘the seasons not started well, where are all the fish, oh – hooray I’ve finally caught one’ blog posts everyone is writing at the moment. But if the others can write one, why shouldn’t I? 😉 Spent sunday afternoon on the Shotley Bridge to Allensford stretch of the Derwent. Conditions were pretty … Continued

Olympic style disappointment, but second best isn’t always bad…

During the course of yesterday I learnt what it must be like to be an Olympic athlete. At around 8:30pm in the evening Victoria Pendleton and myself shared something common; not our mutual love for being clad head to foot in body hugging lycra (too much? ok pretend I never said it) but that horrible gut wrenching feeling of being … Continued

Wet fly fishing and wet fly fishing

Wife and kids had gone out for the day to the outdoor pool in Haltwistle today, so after getting in from work to an empty house I decided I might as well head of to the river – well, why not?

Finally, a evening on the river

  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you won’t have failed to notice we’ve had a little ‘weather’ recently. And like you I’ve been sat inside moping around the house when I should be out on the river catching tree branches and cursing.