A perfect fathers day

I’ve had the best Fathers day ever, fact. After a lazy morning, sausage and egg sarnie in bed followed by a Skype call with the old man to wish him all the best, me and number one son took off with the car loaded up with fishing gear and a football.

Destination was Allansford, it had every thing we needed – a big park to play footie on and a clear bank for easy father /son casting (well, father casting, son climbing trees, chasing flies, exploring rocks etc etc).


It also has lots of people throwing random objects into the river, I didn’t expect much in the way of fish, just a good time with Joe and me.

We only spent an hour or so on the river, started at the first pool upstream of the bridge, then moved through until we got to the sand beach with the big slow pool before it.

Meat, filling the sky!

The sky was full (really full) of flies, as many as there were you couldn’t help but notice the huge cream coloured mayflies that kept cruising past. There weren’t many of them but they were there, and looking majestic.

Top netting

Joe was my net man, he spent as much time trying to catch mayflies with the scoop net as he did helping with the fishing, but that was ok. We had a couple of mayflies come and see us, we talked about their short life and how maybe their life seemed really long to them. Joe wondered if every second seemed like a year, he thought it’d be really cool to have a birthday every second!

The lady of the stream says ‘Hi’

I couldn’t get the fish to respond to any of the flies I tried, until I tied on a Klink pattern I made the other week with a mayfly look to it. Bingo! we were getting a take every cast. Some ok-ish trout, but then the fish of all fish took it – a Grayling! As long as I’ve been fishing I’ve wanted to catch one of these ladies, and what a perfect day to do it, out fishing with Joe on Fathers day.


Joe did a great job of netting her once she’d decided it was futile to resist, we had a moment to marvel at her colour and that amazing fin, then off she swam back to the other side of the river.

[vimeo 68485005 w=600]


After that we fished on for a little little while longer, then back off to the park for a game of footie, before returning home to home made pizza, home made cake and beer. That, my friends, is a pretty perfect day!



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