Chatton Charity Fly Fishing Day

Several weeks ago Lucy Bowden posted on twitter about a charity fishing event at Chatton Trout Fishery she was organising and how she was looking for volunteers to help out on the day. It sounded fun, I had nothing on that day so, volunteer I did.

The event was to raise money for a very worth while local charity, North Northumberland HospiceCare Trust.

Initially I was signed up to be a marshal, logging any fish caught along with their weight. Shortly before the event Lucy contacted me to ask if I would mind being the photographer for the day, and recording events as they unfolded. Always happy to spend my time taking photos I duly agreed.

The week before I bumped into Lucy at the Hardys Event up at Alnwick. We had a brief chat about the day, arrival times etc. it was during this conversation the topic of fancy dress cropped up; something I’d not realised up to this point. “What costume are you wearing?” was her question, a question to which I had no suitable answer for.

Fortunately, a college at work had recently completed another fancy dress charity event and upon hearing my plight volunteered his costume. Four days before the event I had my outfit sorted – I was going to be a super hero, not your boring DC comics style sombre dark super hero, Beno comic fruit based super hero Banana Man!

What a fine figure of a man (nothing to do with sponge padding, honest)

Sunday the 15th finally came around and what a day it was too. On the Saturday before I’d spend a few hours on the river in sweltering head, not a breath of wind in the air and blue skies overhead. Sunday was the complete opposite. It was cold, it was wet and it was blowing a gale – not even close to idea fishing conditions, especially if you’re wearing fancy dress!

The Banana Man outfit lasted for the start of the day, whilst taking photos of the peg draw and everyone milling around before making their way to the lakes. Shortly after that I changed in to a far more sensible waders and waterproof coat combo – not before time as the heavens started to open on us.

Turnout was superb, dozens of anglers from all over attended the event, most had forgone the costume for more sensible warm layers and waterproofs, but some hardy souls still went for it! Even though the wind was howling across the lake, and casting near impossible for those with the wind coming at them, no one gave in and almost all came away with at least one fish.

Lucy has details over on her site of the winners and runners up for the fishing competition, I’ll let you head over there to take a look.

Chatton Trout Fishery did a great job of hosting the event (the bacon sandwich I had mid way through was superb!). Almost all of the anglers who turned up to fish stayed to the very end, with everyone digging deep when it can to the auction and raffle. As well as all the donations for North Northumberland HospiceCare Trust, part of the funds from the raffle also went to Fishing For Heroes.

The grand total raised on the day was over £1500, an amazing result and one that smashed the previous years total by £300. A superb job by Lucy and the team who helped out on the day.

I will certainly be returning to Chatton when the weather is a little kinder, the lakes are well maintained and the lodge is an ideal shelter when things go a little awry on the weather front – tea, coffee, chocolate and excellent bacon sandwich await you!

I’ve added all the photo’s from the event below. If you’re in one of them and would like a bigger copy please drop me a line and I’ll send it along.

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