Simms Exstream Wading Socks Review (or, ‘the most expensive socks I’ve ever bought’)

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On June 6, 2013
Last modified:June 7, 2013


Very expensive, but thankfully very good socks. Especially good for cold weather fishing. They would easily have got a higher score if it wasn't for the cost.

That's 11 pints sat thereBefore you say it, I’ll say it for you – “You spent how much on socks?!?” and you’d be right to ask that question, these fellas cost a small fortune (in the world of socks, or at least in my world of socks. I don’t think I’ve spent that much on socks in the last three years, mind you that probably says more about my clothes purchasing habits than it does about anything else.

The next question you’re probably asking is “why on earth are you writing a review of socks?!?”. That’s easy to answer. It’s therapy, I’m trying to get over the trauma of spending £24.99 on them.

Anyway, after getting that out of the way, there was or is a reason why I felt compelled to spend the equivalent of 11 pints of the finest ales the Sunniside Social Club serves on socks.

A little while back I experienced for the first time the stomach churning horror that is taking off your waders and finding your socks wet through. What made it worse is my Orvis chest waders hadn’t even seen a full seasons use.

Once I got over the shock of it all, an inspection led me to find the leak was in the neoprene boot. I won’t bore you with tales of wader repair here, I’ve already written a post with all the details in it, you can go over there to be bored by it all.

Even though I’d repaired the hole, I wanted to make sure my overly aggressive big toe nails didn’t repeat their neoprene gnashing, what I needed was some thicker socks.

Never mind the cost, feeeel the quality...

It was at this point I, maybe a little too hastily, clicked the ‘buy’ button on a pair of Simms Exstream Wading Socks.

I’m not sure if it was the cunning marketing trick of putting the word Wading in the sock name, or if the allure of them being “The heaviest sock available from Simms” (these bad boys have not only 80% Merino wool but 20% of stretch nylon too you know?). Either way round my mind was made up, I had to have these – the fact that they cost £24.99 (That’s £12.50 per sock!!) wasn’t going to get in my way.

Two days later, John Norris, good to their word, delivered a parcel that I knew was going to stop my waders suffering any more toe nail induced tears.

Are they worth £24.99?

Of course there bloody not! I was a crazy for ever thinking they would be. I’m sure I could have gone to Go Outdoors, or some other outdoor type shop, and bought a pair of walking socks for half the money, and they’d do a similar job.

The Simms Extream Wading SockBut wait, if you put to one side for a moment the over inflated price, these are actually excellent socks (don’t judge me). The fit is nigh on perfect. I’m a size 11 shoe and bought the Large size, they fit like a pair of hand made calf skin gloves. I also look amazing in them the design is ok too, though I’m not into fashion.

I’ve worn them since the start of the season, and things are a whole lot warmer now than they were back in March. Not once during all the hours of standing in freezing cold water did my feet ever feel cold. That’s something I couldn’t have said with my previous socks (Adidas sports socks), 30 minutes in the water and my feet would have been blocks of ice.

Now things are warming up (finally) the Simms Exstream Wading Socks are actually doing too good a job – my feet are now so hot they start to slowly cook if I walk along the bank, or am out of the water, for anything more than a few minutes.

They are a decent length, coming halfway up my calf, and they’re half way up my calf when I’ve finished fishing – none of this rolling down to your ankles rubbish!

They haven’t lost their shape, they are still as thick and comfy as they were when I first put them on. They’ve not stretched or got baggy after being washed so many times – they’re as good now as the day they were bought.

I still twitch slightly when I think how much I spent (I thought it was only the women folk who kept secrets from their husband about how much they spent on an item of clothing!) but I do think they’re perfect for the job, and certainly the best socks I’ve ever owned!

2 Responses to “Simms Exstream Wading Socks Review (or, ‘the most expensive socks I’ve ever bought’)”

  1. Bill

    Nice review.
    I thought to myself, why did the guy not trim his toe nails, then use a nail file to smooth them off? However, like you I am a user of Simms products, I have owned a few pairs of these socks and they are by far the most comfortable, warm and hard wearing socks you are ever likely to own. Yes the price is a consideration, but let me ask you, are your feet not working hard during a days fishing? Is being comfortable important to you? Having socks that last many years and give a good return for your money is money well spent and will serve you better that those pints of beer.


  2. William

    I have to agree. I spent similar money on the same socks. They are quality like nearly everything Simms make! tried to buy another pair but they had moved on and stopped selling these. I think mine lasted 6 years, not a bad return for the cash spent.



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