Almost every day I receive visitors to the site who are looking for information, valuations or Hardy cane rods for sale. A number of posts I've written in the past have referenced Hardy and their excellent vintage rods, the search engines obviously think these posts are of interest to those who're looking for Hardy vintage tackle.

If people are coming here looking for valuations for Hardy Cane Rods, or if they're coming here hoping to buy Hardy Cane Rods, I've been looking for ways to help.

For valuations, see the post here - Hardys are an excellent, helpful company. I'm sure they'll be only too pleased to provide some history to your vintage rod.

If you're looking to buy a Hardy cane rod, the following will hopefully be of help to you.

Fly Fishing Forum

The first place I'd point people, and somewhere I've bought a number of rods from, is to the excellent Classified section over at Fly Forums. There is always a great selection of rods for sale on the forums, not always Hardy but certainly worth taking a look. The policy in the forum classifieds is to always offer items for sale at a reasonable price, and not for the sole purpose of making a profit. Pllease head over to the Fly Forums Fishing Rod Classifieds and see if the rod your after is there.


The next place I'd try is eBay. It's not as friendly as the Fly Forums, and I can't promise the same fair attitude to price (though I've found rods to usually go for their market value) it's still a great place to hunt out a bargain. Through the miracles of modern technology, I'm able to display a few of the current listings from eBay for Hardy Cane Rods here on the site - if you see one you fancy click through to bid.

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Other places with Vintage Hardy Rods for sale

If neither of these two options work for you, the links below take you to online shops who sell second hand Hardy Cane Rods:

Even if you're not looking for a Vintage Hardy Rod, please take a look at the amazing works of art the sites above have on offer. Mind you, don't blame me if you find yourself 'accidentally' placing an order!