Real manufacturing – Hardy Reels History, an interview with the reel design team

After taking a tour around the manufacturing side of Hardy & Greys at Alnwick towards the end of last year, I was struck by the range of machinery used and the attention to detail that went into creating each reel produced at their Willowburn factory. I sent a mail to Hardy the company asking if it’d be possible to visit … Continued

Minke Multi-Tool – first impressions

Way back in August last year, I came across a Twitter message about a funky new tool for tying hooks to line. The product in question was looking for financial backing through Kickstarter, a website where anyone with an idea for a product, game, piece of music, film or artwork can showcase their project in an attempt to raise funding … Continued

Top 10 apps for the Fly Fisherman

As my last techie post seemed to hit the spot for the two regular readers of this blog (hello Mum & Dad) I thought I’d follow it up with this one. My top 10 apps for the fisherman isn’t in any particular order, I do use these constantly, but they fall in and out of favour pretty regularly too. None … Continued

How old is my Hardy Rod?

[phpbay keywords=”Hardy Cane fly Rod -style” num=”1″ siteid=”15″ category=”11144″ maxprice=”199.99″ sortorder=”BestMatch” templatename=”neff” paging=”false”] If I had a pound for every time someone had asked “How old is my Hardy Rod?” of this site, I’d have £14.50 now (the 50p is down to someone asking how valuable  their rod was, I decided it wasn’t quite close enough to the original question to … Continued

Review of the Wychwood Vuefinder Fly Patch – UPDATE

At the end of my Wychwood Vuefinder fly patch review I stated: “So all in all, I’m very pleased with the Wychwood Vuefinder Fly Patch. It’s well built (issues above not withstanding) and has some really useful features and hold flies – which for a fly box is all you can ask!” That was before I used the fly patch in … Continued

Back in business – Orvis Hydros Superfine replaced!

At the end of my last outing, I had the misfortune to find the welded loop on my beloved Orvis Hydros Superfine was cracked at the very end (where the tag end is welded to the main line). I don’t know if this would result in a break with the tiny brownies I occasionally catch, but I’m sure it would … Continued

Top wader repair tips

At the end of my last day on the river, as I removed my 7 month old Orvis waders I was a little surprised to find my right sock wet through from the toes to heal. I hadn’t noticed the leak during fishing but it was certainly there as my foot, now turning very cold, was able to testify. After letting … Continued

Hardys Special Experience Day – 18th May 2013

You might have seen the post from last year about the Hardy and Greys Special Event Day held up at Hardy HQ in September? Well they’ve got another next month, on the 18th of May. The event is free for all and starts at 9am going on until 5pm. There will be fly casting and tying demos, product try outs and … Continued

GAIA North East Regional Event – 20th & 21st April 2013

This weekend sees what sounds like an excellent day out at South Linden Fishery – home to the 2013 GAIA (Game Angling Instructors Association) North East Regional Event. Over the two days there will be the following available to enthral and entertain you… Workshops : Fly Tying Demos – Tuition Casting Tuition: Single / Double handed Fishing Techniques: Knots – … Continued

My ideas for the top christmas gifts for fishermen (are you reading this wifey?)

I know, it’s perhaps a little early to be writing posts about Xmas 2013, what with Xmas 2012 only just being collected from the green wheelie bin, but I thought I’d get in early. My main reason for writing this post is down to me not owning any of these items and wanting somewhere to keep a list of stuff … Continued

Hardy and Greys Special Event Day – 22nd Sept 2012

Put the 22nd September in your diary if you live anywhere near Hardy’s factory/museum/shop up here in Alnwick. They’ll be having what they call a Special Experience Day – which from the details sounds like an open day with all sorts of things going on. Product previews for the 2013 range Demo’s of casting and fly tying demo’s Factory Tour … Continued

The gear that I use – part 1

It’s always interesting to find out what others are using to do the things you’re interested in, so in the spirit of sharing here’s a list of the things I use the most when out fishing. As you’ll see, I have a barely under control case of “tackletartitus”. I also have a fondness for Orvis gear (as you’ll quickly notice). … Continued

The rumours of Orvis’ demise are greatly exaggerated…

I’ve just returned from the Orvis store with a boot full of bargains – everything, I mean everything, was half price! Better than that though was the news that Orvis aren’t leaving us here in the North East, they’re just moving towns. The Corbridge store will close its doors for good on the 28th July 2012. In 3 or 4 … Continued

The end of Orvis in the North East

Came home this evening to find a card on the door mat advertising a sale at our local Orvis store, up to 70% off! Fabulous thinks I, I can celebrate the end of this horrid weather with a little retail therapy over on Corbridge. I then noticed the card was very specifically for the Orvis store at Corbridge, which is … Continued

Hardy Fishing Tackle Museum, more than just old cane rods…

10 June, 2013 Update  – it’s almost three years since I published this article, all of the stuff below still stands. Since 2010 I’ve had many more visits up to Alnwick and each time I’ve been really impressed with the store and the staff. I’ve just noticed Hardy have a great short story on their site detailing the history of the brand. It’s well worth … Continued

Prescription Polaroids

Are prescription Polaroid’s as good as the expensive ‘non-prescription’ alternatives? I’ve wanting to get myself a set of polaroids for ages now, it’s certainly no secret that they can be a big help when the fish are on the surface. Up to the last month or so all my fishing has been on still waters, not the big fish stalking … Continued