Back in business – Orvis Hydros Superfine replaced!

At the end of my last outing, I had the misfortune to find the welded loop on my beloved Orvis Hydros Superfine was cracked at the very end (where the tag end is welded to the main line). I don’t know if this would result in a break with the tiny brownies I occasionally catch, but I’m sure it would with my frequent hook ups to mature sycamore trees!

When I returned home that afternoon I sent a email off to Orvis asking if they would replace the line. I’d had it less than a season so hoped they would.

I received a reply only a few hours later, which as it was a Sunday was a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

The email from Orvis was very polite and said they wouldn’t expect the line to do that (neither would I) and I should return it to them for further inspection. They’d expect the line to be back with me within a couple of weeks.

I wanted the line back quickly as I was out on the river in just over a week and only had the one #3 weight. After exchanging a few emails the Orvis rep suggested I ring the uk office on Monday to discuss.

So Monday lunchtime phone I did. The lady I spoke to at Orvis was great, I explained the situation and she promised they’d do their best to get the line back in time for my next outing.

I parcelled the line up with a note asking for them to please get it back to me ASAP, and handed it over to the post office, along with £4.50 to cover the first class recorded delivery.

Only five days after sending off my broken and knackered line, I had a small white jiffy bag waiting for me when I returned home at lunchtime. Orvis, good to their word had got a brand new weight forward Orvis Hydros Superfine 3 weight back to me in double quick time.

I’ve bought quite a bit of Orvis gear over the years, the tales of their excellent customer service being one of the main reasons for spending my money with them. This is the first time I’ve actually had cause to try that service out, and I can happily say the tales are true.




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