The end of Orvis in the North East

Came home this evening to find a card on the door mat advertising a sale at our local Orvis store, up to 70% off! Fabulous thinks I, I can celebrate the end of this horrid weather with a little retail therapy over on Corbridge.

I then noticed the card was very specifically for the Orvis store at Corbridge, which is a little odd. Usually they’re for Orvis in general.

The final surprise (shock?) came upon realising this wasn’t any old sale, it’s a closing down sale.

I’ve had many pilgrimages to Corbridge over the last few seasons, specifically to visit the Orvis store followed by a bacon butty and cup of tea at the cafe at the end of the road (superb tea by the way, very well worth a visit).

Earlier this season I purchased my first pair of chest waders from there, something I wouldn’t have been happy doing over the Internet, having the ability to try on different sizes and models was invaluable.

During one of my visits the very knowledgable and helpful gentleman who looked after the fishing tackle side of the shop mentioned how all the tackle stores in the region were closing down one by one. He also stated that the fly fishing part of the Orvis store was only really able to continue due to it being part of the Orvis store in general, and the sales of women’s dresses and dog leads (no link between the two intended) was able to sustain the fishing tackle.

Well it looks like the women aren’t buying enough dresses, as the closing down sale ends on the 28th July – after which I can only assume the store will be no more.

If you are interested in picking up a bargain, then all remaining stock is at least half price, with discounts up to 70%.


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