My ideas for the top christmas gifts for fishermen (are you reading this wifey?)

I know, it’s perhaps a little early to be writing posts about Xmas 2013, what with Xmas 2012 only just being collected from the green wheelie bin, but I thought I’d get in early.

My main reason for writing this post is down to me not owning any of these items and wanting somewhere to keep a list of stuff I’d like – I can also keep emailing this link to my wife in the misguided hope one or two of the items might stick in her mind when it comes round to pressie buying time.

Of course, there is also a good chance I’ll buy myself one or more of these between now and Xmas – if I do I’ll make sure to write a few words as to how I’m getting on with it and wether it was as helpful as I’d hoped it would be by adding it to this list.

I’ll also be leaving this page open on the computer, as if I were looking for top christmas gifts for fishermen, then had to nip off to do something. Then if a certain wife just happened to notice the heading “top christmas gifts for fishermen” they might take note of the items…

These are in a rough “nearer to No 1 means I want them more” order, but I’d be happy with anything from here to be honest.

1. iPhone waterproof case

Before getting my iPhone I’d been looking for a nice point and shoot to use when out fishing. Something I could keep with my fishing gear and to have with me whenever I’m out on the river.

But a camera that’s with me every time I go to the river I already have; it’s called my iPhone.

The only slight issue is my ability to have bouts of butterfingeritus, and the expensive implications of dropping my phone in the water.

But there is a solution. These phone pouches are fully waterproof AND are optical quality so you can carry on taking pictures whilst the phone is in the pouch AND the pouch is made of material that allows you to use the touch screen without needing to take the phone out!

I’ve done quite a bit of research into the right pouch, and of the many I’ve looked at, the Aquapac Waterproof Mobile Phone case looks pretty good. It’s not iPhone specific, so anyone who uses an Android phone can join in the fun, and it’s waterproof to 5m, so most of us should never get near it’s limits. But best of all it’s Aquapac are a UK company AND they offer a 5 year guarantee – what’s not to like?

aquapac iPhone case

Iphone Waterproof case on Amazon

2. Wader bag

All my fishing gear stays in the back of the car. If my waders are really wet then I take them out when I get home to dry them out, but other than that it’s all in the boot. A bag like this means they stay away from any other stuff in the boot, keeping them from getting other things mucky, or mucky things off them. It also doubles up as a mat to get waders on and off – avoiding standing on sharp stones and puncturing the neoprene feet.

Witchwood Wader Bag

Wader Bag

4. Wading staff

Along with my ability to drop expensive phones into rivers, I’m equally adept at throwing myself in. Balance isn’t something I poses much of, every time I step into the river I remind myself how I really should have bought a wading staff. It’s usually right at the point where I’ve gone too far to easily turn and seek the safety of the bank side that I start to feel off balance and do the tight rope walkers ‘both arms spinning round’ thing.

Yes, a wading staff is what I need but do I go for the modern, collapsable lightweight alloy staffs, or the old school hardwood adorned with antler? I think it’s a sign of me getting old that the old school staff wins hands down. Do they come with flat caps too?

Classic wading staff

Wading Staff

6. Flat pack boxes for car

Of all the things in this list, these are the only item I actually own (though by the time Xmas 2013 comes round I’m hoping that statement will no longer be true). I have two in the boot of the car, one with my Orvis waste coat and fleeces in, the other with wading boots, waders and waterproofs in. I can move all my gear in and out of the car without any fuss, and nothing ends up rolling about and getting lost. They’re cheap as chips and make me look like I’m organised – two things that are very, very appealing to me.

Boxes for the car

Flat Pack Boxes for the Car

8. Casts that catch fish

I’ve seen a few “teasers” for this video on YouTube, the production is superb and the venues where they fish are out of this world. Even if I learn nothing about fly casting (which I doubt, there clip on YouTube about pile casting was a real eye opener, I can only guess how much more good stuff is on the DVD).

It seems as though high quality fishing videos are becoming the next big thing. The days of John Wilson chortling at the camera are past – Go-Pro’s strapped to the end of the fly rod is the future!

Casts that catch fish

9. Magnifier

OK – I admit it, I’m getting older. I won’t go as far as to say old (40 isn’t old yet, is it?) but certainly older. One of the ways I know this is I’ve started missing the eye of the hook when trying to thread the line through. I remember elbowing dad out of the way with a supercilious muttering of ‘Come here…’ whilst taking the fly and line off him when he stood there attempting in vain to thread the line. looking over his glasses, wetting the line with his mouth (I did tell him it’s not cotton, he didn’t listen) missing, and missing again.

I’m as bad when I’m at the tying bench. If I take my glasses off (I’m short sighted, like my father) or peer over the top of them, I just about get away with it, but only just.

So, I’m not so vain as to carry on struggling in the name of fashion, I want a pair of these. I can’t wear magnifier glasses as I’m short sighted, and I think 40 is too young for bi-focals (it is, isn’t it?) so these will fit the bill nicely.

Cap peak clip on magnifier

Cap Magnifier

10. Head torch

When I’m on the Derwent I loose track of time. I wander off upstream, through gorges, woods and forests without ever looking up and checking where the sun is. I fish mostly after work so my fishing is almost always called to a close through it getting too dark to see. And when I mean dark, I mean dark – night time dark.

Unfortunately, a more sensible person than myself would start making their way back to the car before it gets dark – not I. I end up clattering and banging through all sorts of obstacles, unable to see what I’m waking on or into. Usually, at the point where I’m about to break my rod or myself of a steep and slippery bank I remember to pull out my phone and use the torch/light in it – but I worry about dropping it into the river as I wade around trees etc (see No 1) – so I think a head torch is going to be a very welcome addition to my kit.

The torch below from Pathfinder is a belter – it’s super bright (21 LED’s) lasts for 100,000’s (so should get through a season, just) and puts out light up to 50m, with the ability to turn the power down so it’s not too bright.

Head Torch

Head Torch


Some (but not all) of the links above are affiliate links. That means I’ll get a few pence (yep, it’s not much!) if you click the link and buy the item. I’m not putting these items on here because of the affiliate links, I genuinely want these items in my Xmas stocking! The links are there purely to help towards funding the blog. If you don’t agree with affiliate links – and I will think no worse of you if you do object (honest) do a quick google for the item and avoid clicking these links 🙂 If you do object, drop me a line in the comments below. And if you know of something that deserves to be classed as a top christmas gifts for fishermen, add it in the comments too.

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