A perfect fathers day

I’ve had the best Fathers day ever, fact. After a lazy morning, sausage and egg sarnie in bed followed by a Skype call with the old man to wish him all the best, me and number one son took off with the car loaded up with fishing gear and a football. Destination was Allansford, it had every thing we needed … Continued

Finally, a fish filled session!

This morning I should have been up at the crack of dawn, heading north to Craster for a day out at sea. At the time I write this I should have just finished gutting my catch of Cod. Unfortunately, due to the weather, the captain of the charter boat we were going out in cancelled our trip the night before. … Continued

It’s official, I’m a walker not a fisher(man)

Even though I knew it’d be hard going after yesterdays downpour, I had the opportunity to steal a few hours on the river this afternoon, so I took it. My lovely wife decided to take the kids to the cinema, but suggested if I wanted to head of fishing I should do so as the film they wanted to see … Continued