Olympic style disappointment, but second best isn’t always bad…

During the course of yesterday I learnt what it must be like to be an Olympic athlete. At around 8:30pm in the evening Victoria Pendleton and myself shared something common; not our mutual love for being clad head to foot in body hugging lycra (too much? ok pretend I never said it) but that horrible gut wrenching feeling of being … Continued

Wet fly fishing and wet fly fishing

Wife and kids had gone out for the day to the outdoor pool in Haltwistle today, so after getting in from work to an empty house I decided I might as well head of to the river – well, why not?

Finally, a evening on the river

  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you won’t have failed to notice we’ve had a little ‘weather’ recently. And like you I’ve been sat inside moping around the house when I should be out on the river catching tree branches and cursing.