New flies for the new season

As we get closer and closer to the new season starting here on the 22nd, I’ve finally pulled my finger out and starting stocking up on flies. I’m fully aware that after months of no casting practice what so ever the vast majority will be offered up to the tree gods, left dangling off riverside tree branches like the earrings … Continued

W/C 16th February – Five Free Fly Friday

After many, many weeks of looking at my tying gear but doing nothing, I’ve finally gotten round to making some files. I think it was to option of either watching ‘Splash’ on ITV or sitting at the vice – and as far as choices go that’s not a difficult one! Along with stocking up my own fly box, I’ve knocked … Continued

W/C 17th June – Five Free Fly Friday

The five free flies for this friday are Griffiths Gnats Hook: Size 20 Partridge TDH (de-barbed) Tail & Hackle: Metz grizzle cock Body: Peacock Hearl Thread: Brown Cobweb This fly is a must have for when the trout ignore everything other than those damn midges! I’ve heard that the Griffiths Gnat can represent a single fly, or Midges in a mating ball. I’ve found trimming … Continued

W/C 10th June – Five Free Fly Friday

The five free flies for this friday are Grizzle Hackle, black body with red thorax, orange post parachute flies. I’ve noticed my flies are tending to have rather long (but very descriptive) names. So, to make things easier, I’m going to give them somewhat shorter names. This one will be christened “Dave“. Hook: Size 16 Kamasan B405 (de-barbed) Tail & … Continued

Thoughts for the new season

Tonight is (hopefully) the eve of my 2013 fishing season – if the weather behaves itself tomorrow, then I’ll be heading off to the river for the first time in many months. As I’ve spent the last few weeks busily fly tying, reel oiling, cleaning lines, removing 4 month old tangerines from my fishing vest (surprisingly decent looking, considering) and … Continued