W/C 17th June – Five Free Fly Friday

The five free flies for this friday are Griffiths Gnats Hook: Size 20 Partridge TDH (de-barbed) Tail & Hackle: Metz grizzle cock Body: Peacock Hearl Thread: Brown Cobweb This fly is a must have for when the trout ignore everything other than those damn midges! I’ve heard that the Griffiths Gnat can represent a single fly, or Midges in a mating ball. I’ve found trimming … Continued

W/C 10th June – Five Free Fly Friday

The five free flies for this friday are Grizzle Hackle, black body with red thorax, orange post parachute flies. I’ve noticed my flies are tending to have rather long (but very descriptive) names. So, to make things easier, I’m going to give them somewhat shorter names. This one will be christened “Dave“. Hook: Size 16 Kamasan B405 (de-barbed) Tail & … Continued

W/C 3rd June – Five Free Fly Friday

6th June UPDATE: We have a winner! the Winner of the 2nd #fivefreeflyfriday is @Mnmflytying. I’ll send the flies out over the weekend  Michael   Keep an eye out on the blog for the next Five Free Fly Friday give away! Little bit late posting this, due to being away with the family yesterday (not good, late on the second ever FFFF … Continued

Flyfishing Freebie Giveaway!

On my way home from my last trip out to the Derwent, I gave some thought to how I could gain a little more traffic to the blog, and give me a way to improve my fishing. Mid way along the A694, as I passed through Rowlands Gill, I had a moment of clarity – it was here the idea … Continued