New flies, fish and filthy buggers

As it’s fathers day tomorrow, and I have a day of surprises planned by my wife and kids, I thought I’d play it safe and get a couple of hours on the river tonight, tomorrow sounds too full of bike rides, picnics and football for squeezing any fishing in! I headed off to Lintzford 4:30pm, tackled up and on the … Continued

What’s your time on the River?

During a conversation this morning with Mrs Neff about what we’re likely to get up to this weekend, I tentatively suggested the idea of an all day session on the river on Sunday. I’ve not had an early morning start yet this season, and with things finally looking up I rather fancied having a go tomorrow. My wife is usually a … Continued

Is fly fishing turning course?

My first experience of fishing was, as with many people, going fishing with my father (I don’t mean many people went fishing with MY father, I mean many people went with… you know what I mean don’t you?). At the time he was very involved with the course fishing match scene, spending most weekends somewhere in the UK fishing a … Continued