Tap, tap – is this thing still on…?

After a shade over 3 years in the fishing wilderness (and I don’t mean the upper reaches of the Tees) I’ve finally managed to get myself into gear and back on the river again. Work, family and a host of other less important stuff seemed to get in the way. What started off as not heading out for a week or … Continued

Real manufacturing – Hardy Reels History, an interview with the reel design team

After taking a tour around the manufacturing side of Hardy & Greys at Alnwick towards the end of last year, I was struck by the range of machinery used and the attention to detail that went into creating each reel produced at their Willowburn factory. I sent a mail to Hardy the company asking if it’d be possible to visit … Continued

A dalliance with the dark side

Since friday evening my Mother-in-Law has been stopping with us. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, she’s a lovely woman, especially when she’s a three and a half hour car ride away. Not so lovely when she’s close enough to bounce a half eaten Werthers Original off. Yesterday I had the perfect excuse to escape for a few … Continued

September dates for your diary

It may be getting to the end of the season, but there are still events on out there for you to enjoy. And, if like me you’ve got your mother in law coming to stay this weekend and need an excuse to get out the way for a few hours, read on I have an ideal distraction for you! Hardy … Continued

How old is my Hardy Rod?

[phpbay keywords=”Hardy Cane fly Rod -style” num=”1″ siteid=”15″ category=”11144″ maxprice=”199.99″ sortorder=”BestMatch” templatename=”neff” paging=”false”] If I had a pound for every time someone had asked “How old is my Hardy Rod?” of this site, I’d have £14.50 now (the 50p is down to someone asking how valuable  their rod was, I decided it wasn’t quite close enough to the original question to … Continued

Getting off the mark

Apologies for this being another one of those ‘the seasons not started well, where are all the fish, oh – hooray I’ve finally caught one’ blog posts everyone is writing at the moment. But if the others can write one, why shouldn’t I? 😉 Spent sunday afternoon on the Shotley Bridge to Allensford stretch of the Derwent. Conditions were pretty … Continued

Hardy Fishing Tackle Museum, more than just old cane rods…

10 June, 2013 Update  – it’s almost three years since I published this article, all of the stuff below still stands. Since 2010 I’ve had many more visits up to Alnwick and each time I’ve been really impressed with the store and the staff. I’ve just noticed Hardy have a great short story on their site detailing the history of the brand. It’s well worth … Continued