Tap, tap – is this thing still on…?

After a shade over 3 years in the fishing wilderness (and I don’t mean the upper reaches of the Tees) I’ve finally managed to get myself into gear and back on the river again. Work, family and a host of other less important stuff seemed to get in the way. What started off as not heading out for a week or … Continued

This wednesday, I’ll be mostly floating in 10.86 km² of water

This morning I woke up with a plan – not the usual plan of sneaking out the house before anyone had the chance to ask me where I was going, head down to the river and fish until the inevitable “are you coming home, you’ve xxx still to finish!” (replace xxx with a part complete DIY task, there are many … Continued

Over the pond, pond fishing

Last week I was lucky enough to travel over to Minneapolis on a business trip. Leaving the UK on Sunday afternoon, not to return until the following Sunday. As Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes*, it’s probably understandable that my thoughts turned to fishing when deciding what to do on my spare day on Saturday. Greg, a … Continued

It’s official, I’m a walker not a fisher(man)

Even though I knew it’d be hard going after yesterdays downpour, I had the opportunity to steal a few hours on the river this afternoon, so I took it. My lovely wife decided to take the kids to the cinema, but suggested if I wanted to head of fishing I should do so as the film they wanted to see … Continued

Eddys Bridge on a cold, wet Sunday

This weekends outing saw me head to the most upstream beat of the DAA’s water. I drove up t Eddys Bridge, just outside the lovely parish of Muggleswick. There’s a little stretch of fishable water upstream of the bridge to the reservoir, but most people do as I did and head downstream. After parking up outside the chicken farm, donning … Continued

Thoughts for the new season

Tonight is (hopefully) the eve of my 2013 fishing season – if the weather behaves itself tomorrow, then I’ll be heading off to the river for the first time in many months. As I’ve spent the last few weeks busily fly tying, reel oiling, cleaning lines, removing 4 month old tangerines from my fishing vest (surprisingly decent looking, considering) and … Continued