NEFF Weekly Fly Fishing bargains – 9th February

There isn’t a week goes by where at some point, and usually more than once I trawl through the listings on eBay looking for a fly fishing bargain. And if it’s not eBay, then it’ll be Orvis, GAC, Sportfish, Fishtec or any one of a dozen more online goodie stores. As I spend a lot of idle time staring at … Continued

Free ways to get your Fly Fishing news fix

For as long as I’ve been a fly fisherman, I’ve also been a fly fishing magazine buyer. Before moving up to the North East I spent my time fishing lakes and reservoirs in and around Lincolnshire – Trout Fisherman was my magazine of choice. After our move up here, and after realising how much fun river fishing could be Trout … Continued

Orvis Fly Fishing Guide (Kindle) on special offer

Not sure what the normal price is (paperback is getting on for £15) but for a limited time The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide has been reduced to a bargain price of £1.98. According to Amazon, this is the completely revised and updated with over 400 new color photos and illustrations version of the e-book. At less than two quid it’s cheaper than, … Continued

Back in business – Orvis Hydros Superfine replaced!

At the end of my last outing, I had the misfortune to find the welded loop on my beloved Orvis Hydros Superfine was cracked at the very end (where the tag end is welded to the main line). I don’t know if this would result in a break with the tiny brownies I occasionally catch, but I’m sure it would … Continued

Getting off the mark

Apologies for this being another one of those ‘the seasons not started well, where are all the fish, oh – hooray I’ve finally caught one’ blog posts everyone is writing at the moment. But if the others can write one, why shouldn’t I? 😉 Spent sunday afternoon on the Shotley Bridge to Allensford stretch of the Derwent. Conditions were pretty … Continued

The gear that I use – part 1

It’s always interesting to find out what others are using to do the things you’re interested in, so in the spirit of sharing here’s a list of the things I use the most when out fishing. As you’ll see, I have a barely under control case of “tackletartitus”. I also have a fondness for Orvis gear (as you’ll quickly notice). … Continued

The rumours of Orvis’ demise are greatly exaggerated…

I’ve just returned from the Orvis store with a boot full of bargains – everything, I mean everything, was half price! Better than that though was the news that Orvis aren’t leaving us here in the North East, they’re just moving towns. The Corbridge store will close its doors for good on the 28th July 2012. In 3 or 4 … Continued

The end of Orvis in the North East

Came home this evening to find a card on the door mat advertising a sale at our local Orvis store, up to 70% off! Fabulous thinks I, I can celebrate the end of this horrid weather with a little retail therapy over on Corbridge. I then noticed the card was very specifically for the Orvis store at Corbridge, which is … Continued