Start of a new season

As has been said by many fly fishing bloggers over the last week or two, the opening day couldn’t come round soon enough – and it seems like an age since breaking the rod down at the end of last season. I’d hoped to get out yesterday, the official start to the season up here, but with a list of … Continued

Curing the fishing wall with a Guide

Every season around this time my fishing seems to hit a wall. Much like the amateur marathon runner who, after 16 miles of enjoyable running (is that even possible?) finds it hard to continue and has no enthusiasm to keep going. My wall is less to do with leg cramps and fitness issues, more to do with sunny weather, family … Continued

Sunday Sneep Session

I arrived at the gas plant on the end of Wallis Walls Road at around 2pm. The day had started out warm, but a little overcast – not quite the “not a cloud to be seen” sky of yesterday. But yesterday was a bike riding with the kids day, so sun was most welcome, today was a fishing day and … Continued